Social Recruiting: Your Guide To Recruiting via Social Media


It is a new method of hiring employees through advertising on various social media platforms. In today’s era, almost all candidates, whether they are fresher or experienced, use social media, create their accounts, and connect with their seniors and juniors instantly. There are various employment-dedicated social media handles where recruiters and candidates can easily exchange professional information. 

Also, social recruiting platforms have successfully brought skilled, educated, talented, and experienced professionals under one roof, making it a one-stop solution for recruiters. In the age of digitalization, it is essential to have good contacts and networking among people in order to acquire good talent for the organization. Social Media recruiting is way ahead of publishing ads in the newspapers, receiving references from employees, and different job boards. Reputed organizations with good salary packages and balanced work cultures can receive the resume and details of numerous employees within fractions of a second. 

Why Use Social Media for Recruitment?

Social media has emerged as an effective way of recruiting top talents. Recruiters can use social media to spread information about various job openings and the organization to both passive and active candidates. In traditional recruiting methods, such as online job boards or advertisements, only active candidates who are looking for jobs can be engaged. Whenever any job opening in the organization gets posted on social media platforms, a considerable number of job seekers using social media can notice and provide their professional journey so far to recruiters. Without incurring any additional hiring costs, the recruiters get more options and experienced personnel for the job role. 

Benefits of Using Social Media Over Traditional Recruiting

Today more and more candidates are using several social media platforms to stay connected to the world. Thus, companies are utilizing these platforms to find candidates to acquire skilled and productive talent for them that will increase productivity. According to a study, it is found out that 92% of companies use social media to hire ideal candidates for vacancies. Here are some benefits of using social media for hiring:

Helps attract passive job seekers:

Social media can help recruiters attract passive job seekers by posting job openings online that can reach a large number of people. Social recruiting is a method that allows talent acquisition naturally by engaging the professionals with the company’s webpage and showing them the various open positions. Passive candidates may not be engaging in the job search journey, but they may develop an interest through your web page on your professional networks, and thus the continuous effort from the company might one day enhance their willingness to join your team. 

Acquisition through talent pools:

Many recruiters have analyzed that by utilizing social media platforms, they were able to recruit quality and skilled personnel. Innovative hashtags, the formation of different groups on these platforms, and the filtering of candidates have further fastened the recruitment process. Different types of filters such as location, industry, experience, and keywords have enhanced the speed of the Talent Acquisition team in their talent hunt process. Facebook enables location-based filters, while LinkedIn provides various filters and the facility of introducing various hashtags and searching different hashtags dedicated to a particular industry and sector.

Improved employment brand:

Updating your audience with the work culture of the organization regularly will attract new talent and retain your existing talent pools built over the years. This will assist in enhancing your presence on different social media networks. It will also strengthen your presence, building a strong employment brand. Regularly posting information about the industry to which the organization belongs will also strengthen your position in the industry. 

Reduces the time to hire:

Posting job vacancies on various social media platforms can help considerably reduce the time to hire since recruiters can reach a large number of candidates in a short period of time. Social media can help recruiters source top qualified and skilled candidates who can be a good fit for the job role and can be evaluated for the interview process. Recruiters would also be able to look at the basic information about the candidate and would be able to judge their suitability for the role.


Social media recruitment is a relatively new method of finding job candidates. The benefits of social media recruitment are that it is simple, inexpensive, and quick. By scrolling through their social media profiles and looking at their interests in your company, you can quickly find the right candidate. Social media also adds a personal touch to the hiring process. You get to know the person you’re interviewing better than you would if you only met them on paper or over the phone. 

By utilizing professional social networks, organizations can create skilled and talented pools without incurring additional costs to the company. There are many social recruiting benefits; however, it is essential to follow certain strategies while hiring candidates on social media accounts since the wrong candidate can lead to information, productivity, and financial loss to the company. 


Q. How does social media help in recruitment?

Recruiters can use social media to reach out to both passive and active candidates with information about job openings and the organization. Traditional recruiting methods, such as online job boards or advertisements, typically engage only active candidates who are actively seeking that information.

Q. Is it a good strategy to recruit using social media?

Social media for recruiting has proved to be a good strategy because it isn’t just a good way to broaden the applicant pool, but also it’s a great way to find top candidates.

Q. Which social media platform is best for recruiting?

In the case of social recruiting, platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are some of the best social media platforms for recruiting and can help in multiple ways, such as sourcing the ideal candidates, connecting with them and scanning their professional ethics, etc.

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