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Based on your skills get highly adaptive assessment tests and schedule mock interviews with some of the best in the industry.
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Stuti Verma
My mock interview experience with HireHunch was excellent. The questions were insightful, effectively assessing my skills and experiences. The interviewer demonstrated high competence in guiding the conversation and evaluating my responses. Overall, it was a positive and productive session.
Vignesh Kumar
HireHunch provided an exceptional mock interview experience. The interviewer was incredibly collaborative and made the discussion both insightful and worthwhile. From the very beginning, they explained the process and expectations clearly, which ensured a smooth and comfortable interaction. There were no awkward moments at all, and the entire session felt seamless. Overall, it was a highly positive experience and definitely worth the money spent.
I had a great experience with HireHunch's mock interview. The interviewer was friendly and asked questions tailored to the job requirements and my resume. I enjoyed discussing the coding problem and the system's low-level design. It was an engaging and valuable session.

Frequently Asked Questions.

HireHunch assessments provide a practical way to measure a candidate's technical skills, knowledge, and abilities related to a specific job or field, going beyond what can be inferred from resumes. These assessments are fully adaptive, changing based on your responses to each question, ensuring a tailored and accurate evaluation of your technical proficiency.

Technical assessments are ideal for:

  • Students and Graduates: Individuals preparing to enter the job market who want to gauge their technical skills.
  • Job Seekers: Candidates looking to demonstrate their technical skills and knowledge to potential employers.
  • Professionals Seeking Promotion: Employees aiming for a promotion or a role change within their organization.
  • Technical Teams: Organizations looking to assess the skill levels within their teams for training or restructuring purposes.

These assessments help in identifying strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring better career development.

A mock interview is a simulated interview process that replicates the format, style, and content of a real interview, allowing individuals to practice their responses and improve their interviewing skills.

Sharing your core skills and experience is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Tailored Assessments: Understanding your specific skills and experience, help tailor the assessment or mock interview to better suit your evaluation needs, ensuring a more relevant and effective evaluation.
  2. Accurate Evaluation: Knowing your core skills helps us assign the most appropriate interviewers who are experts in your field, leading to a more accurate and insightful assessment of your abilities.
  3. Targeted Feedback: With a clear picture of your background, we can provide more targeted feedback and guidance, helping you improve in the areas that matter most for your career goals.

Overall, sharing your core skills and experience ensures that you get the most out of our services, with assessments and feedback that are tailored to your unique career path.

The assessment is priced at ₹199/- per attempt. While mock interviews start at ₹1499/-.

The HireHunch Talent Community includes expert interviewers from MAANG and similar companies, along with candidates aspiring to be top professionals in their fields.

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