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Preset Assessments for 40+ Skill Sets

Our team's tech experience helps us keep our focus fixed on providing you hiring support for trending technologies and stack.
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Data Science
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Why you need HunchAssess

A guided assessment tool that helps quickly sift through a large set of applicants, from say a campus you were recruiting from and get insights like a boss!
Candidate assessment tool
5000+ Questions Covering Over 40 Skills forms
Send Invites in Bulk with much ease
Automated Scorecard and Advanced Proctoring
Schedule Interviews for Top Talents instantly

HunchAssess turbocharges candidates' skill assessment with precision, reliable proctoring and a seamless user experience.

Custom Assessments

Create your own questions to make sure that your assessment is as personal as you need it to be.

Support 40+ Skills

Providing a versatile platform for assessing a wide range of technical abilities

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface, allowing you to create assessments quickly and invite candidates effortlessly.

Reliable Proctoring

Robust proctoring capabilities ensuring a secure and trustworthy assessment environment for accurate candidate evaluations.

Quick Assessments

Swiftly evaluate candidate skills with quick assessments, saving time and ensuring efficient hiring decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A skill assessment is a method used to evaluate an individual's proficiency and competence in a specific skill or set of skills. It help employers gauge the candidate's suitability for a position, make informed hiring decisions, identify areas for improvement, and align candidates with the required skill set for successful job performance.

You can invite any number of candidates at once when using HunchAssess to evaluate applicant's competence in a specific skill.

HunchAssess supports a variety of question types, including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Coding Questions. With MCQs, you can assess candidates' knowledge and understanding by providing multiple choices for each question. Coding Questions allow candidates to showcase their programming skills by writing code to solve problems or complete tasks. This combination of question types in HunchAssess ensures a comprehensive assessment of candidates' technical abilities and knowledge.

Flexible assessments on your terms with HunchAssess. Pay as you go.

Get access to features required to evaluate candidates' skill and proficiency. And the best part? Pay for what you need, when you need.
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